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Mining in America for Americans

American Rio Mining Company (AR) is an exploration and mining company headquartered in Nevada with its mining operations in Nevada and Utah. Sales, marketing and investor relations are based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

AR’s current focus is in the aggregate world with two operations. An iron oxide property and the launching of the American Rio Brand of products.  American Rio’s iron oxide property has a diversity of colors; red, black, orange and yellow. This is a high quality oxide that holds color very well. The made in the USA American Rio Brand has released if first line of products which are premium volcanic rock landscaping products in three vibrant nonfading colors.

AR is an American company mining in America for Americans that believes our natural resources are important to the safety and security of our country. We’re proud that our entire operations and products are made in the USA! Equally important to AR is the environment; how we find the earth is how we should leave it if not better.

American Rio derived its name from the red iron oxide discovery on our initial 740 acre claim. This claim was being looked at for precious metal recovery. After discovering such a large deposit of iron oxide that was 60% red iron oxide the leadership knew that a change in business direction was strategic and valuable. When looking for a name one of our directors suggested using the acronym for red iron oxide with the word American and American Rio was born. With over 125 years of mining and management experience our leadership team is building American Rio into a company and brand that investors and customers alike will be proud to be a part of.



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