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American Rio’s Red Earth Mining Site, is a 740 acre iron-oxide deposit, with a diversity of natural colors in the red-orange, orange-yellow hue range.

Red Earth Mining Site

The Red Earth Mining site is located in White Pine County, Nevada.

Project Overview

The Red Earth deposit covers an easily accessible 740 acres. The deposit is ideal in that there is virtually no overburden and the oxide can be extracted without drilling or blasting. The property is logistically ideal because of its close proximity to improved roads and interstate highways. The Red Earth deposit is located on the Nevada, Utah state border.

Pictured is excavation site # 1. The iron oxide in this area is a deep amber red. The iron oxide at this site has an average particle size of 44 µm, straight from the ground. Because of the size and purity of this material the time from excavation to market is very low with minimal processing cost.

ARMC Red Earth Mining Site

American Rio’s iron oxide has additional applications beyond the pigment market. American Rio’s engineering staff has been working very hard in refining its red iron oxide (Fe2O3) as a plant nutrient. Although most of the iron on the earth crust is in the form of Fe3+, the Fe2+ form is physiologically more significant for plants.

  1. Red Earth Mining Site facts and information
  • The claim is rich in minerals including gold, silver, platinum group and rare earths. Approximately 60% of the ore is red iron oxide (Fe2O3)
  • Latitude 39° 9’42.64″N longitude 114° 7’37.97″W
  • Physical dimensions
    • 740 acres(deposit was not verified and all acreage)
    • 32,234,400 ft.²
    • Verified depth of red iron oxide deposit 30 ft. (Estimated unverified depth of iron oxide deposit 100 + ft.)
    • Average depth of unclassified ore deposit 600 ft.
  • Red iron oxide deposit weight and volume
    • 967,032,000 ft.³ (@ 30 ft. depth)
    • 35,816,000 yd.³
    • 2,700 lb. Per 1 yd.³
    • 96,703,200,000 lb. of ore
    • 58,021,920,000 lb. of red iron oxide @ 60% by volume
    • 29,010,960 L/T.


  1. Estimated gross value for initial red claim iron oxide deposit

(This does not include the additional 720 acres recently acquired)

  • The iron oxide will be graded into several classifications. The classifications are based on size, color and purity
    • approximately 60% of the recovered iron oxide will have a grading of 65% at 100 meshed mechanical screening
    • approximately 30% of recovered iron oxide will have a grading of 85% at 320 meshed mechanical screening
    • approximately 10% of recovered iron oxide will have a grading of 95+% at 600 meshed mechanical screening (additional purification required)
  • $.25 average wholesale price per pound
  • $404,977,320 value of iron oxide deposit equal to 20.66 acres @ 30 ft. depth