| Volcanic Rock
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American Rio’s exotic volcanic rock is like nothing else in the market. The Outlaw is a rich shiny black rock that never dulls in the sun.  The  Renegade is a deep rustic red in color and texture and the Maverick is a natural blend (right off the volcano) of a variety of colors.  Our rock is more porous making it better for water retention. It’s greater porous nature creates a lighter product making it easier to handle and apply. Its deep lasting colors make it a beautiful option in both residential and commercial applications. We have an endless supply of all three colors.


A big part of the American Rio vision is not only to mine America for Americans but also to provide high quality products through the American Rio Brand. This mine to market concept provides quality products at affordable prices by cutting out the middle man.


Volcanic rock is a great alternative to other landscaping options like pine needles, mulch, or river rock etc. It is long lasting, the color never fades, rich in nutrient value, retains soil moisture and will not decay over time.


We sell the American Rio brand through landscaping nurseries around the country and are adding new nurseries all of the time. Please contact one of our sales reps at 844-876-9433 or sales@americanrio.com for more information. High quality products made in the USA is what we are all about. American Rio will be releasing new products in 2016 so keep a lookout for all your trusted American Rio Brand products.